Are You Weight Loss Resistant?

Women struggling to lose weight can be suffering from weight loss resistance. Here is a detailed guide on this condition.

World can be a cruel place for people with body weight issues. There are some people who don’t even have to budge to stay lean and trim while there are others you can’t shed even a pound no matter how hard they try.

Why this disparity?

Well, experts blame it to our body chemistry and genetics. If you are sticking to your weight loss program honestly, following it to the letter, it might be that you are weight loss resistance. You read it right. There is a term called weight loss resistance.

Affecting only women, this condition is caused by metabolic or physiologic imbalance that makes losing weight or keeping it under control extremely challenging. No amount of dieting or sweating in the gym will help, if you do not address the root cause of the problem.

Weight loss resistance-can you blame your genes?

Science has already established that different people metabolize fat differently. Some people can eat all they want without gaining a pound, while there are some who barely eat but still keep gaining weight. Genetics do have a role in weight loss resistance, but it does not mean it can’t be controlled.

Different genetic makeup means, we respond to different diets and exercises. When it comes to weight loss there is no one-solution-fits-all approach. In the case of weight loss resistance genetic makeup combined with emotional makeup and environmental and lifestyle factors can hold key to find the root cause of the problem.

Core systemic imbalances

But what if you have no genetic makeup for weight loss resistance? Then there are six core systematic imbalances that can cause this problem in women. These are:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Adrenal imbalance
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Digestive imbalance
  • Impaired detoxification

You need a complete medical profiling done to understand what all factors are causing weight loss resistance in your body. Often two or more of the mentioned imbalances working together cause the problem.

Weight loss resistance management

Management of weight when you are suffering from this condition is not solely focused on losing weight but also on sustaining body weight. A common approach to weight loss management includes:

  • Physiology Management-Working with your doctor you identify if any of the metabolic imbalances are causing weight loss resistance. A weight loss plan is then created based on your unique physiology.
  • Supplementation-You will need additional help with weight loss resistance. Herbs and supplements can help to correct any hormonal imbalance, neurotransmitter imbalance or stress imbalance. These supplements work on the cellular level to rebalance the hormones.
  • Healthy Eating-Metabolism is core functionality that can help fight the weight loss resistance. A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables along with multivitamins is needed to manage weight in this condition.
  • Rest-Proper sleep is important not only for metabolism, but to keep every bodily function healthy. Rest and sleep to restore hormone balance in your body. Eight hours of sleep is mandatory whether you are suffering from weight loss resistance or not.

Weight loss resistance can make losing body weight challenging for women but not impossible. With proper planning you can manage your weight.

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